Quotable Items

BaroShear K45

The BaroShear K45 System utilizes our proprietary Ultra Shear Technology™ (UST™) to effectively produce high quality, water-soluble nanoemulsions of CBD Oil.

Air Compressor, 4-head

For use with the Barozyme HT-48. Can also be used with 2320EXT and NEP2320 Barocyclers in conventional pressure cycling applications.

Air Compressor, 2-head

For use with the 2320EXT and NEP2320 Barocyclers in conventional Pressure Cycling applications.

RF1700 Mini Ultra-High Pressure Pump

The RF1700 Mini is a small ultra-high pressure (UHP) pump that can generate fluid pressure up to 25,000 psi (1700 bar) under both static and continuous flow conditions up to 5ml/min. The RF1700 can be operated via a simple front panel, or controlled using specialized software allowing for precise pressure control. The system maintains constant pressure by regulating flow rate using a proprietary PID control algorithm.

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OS Model (Formerly One Shot Cell Disruptor)

The OS Model provides a simple, fast and effective solution for processing your small samples, whether they be liquid cultures, cell pellets, tissue or frozen samples.

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Optional Extras

Constant Systems offers several optional items for use with their cell disruptors.

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MC (Formerly Multi Shot Cell Disruptor)

The MC offers great versatility and its strongest attribute is the ability to quickly and efficiently lyse 0.5-8 mL of solid, frozen and cell paste samples. This machine will also allow customers to lyse 1 - 40 mL of fluid samples over a maximum of 5 complete shots and up to 8 mL in a single shot. It is ideal for customers working with 1– 80 mL.

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HUB880 High Pressure Generator

The Barocycler HUB880 is a compact, portable, bench-top, ultra-high pressure generator that uses compressed air-driven pressure intensifier to generate fluid pressure up to 100,000 psi (~7 kilobar) with an input compressed air pressure of just 130 psi. The HUB880 can be operated via a simple front panel, or controlled using the integrated Data Acquisition and Control Module for dynamic pressure control and connectivity to external devices.

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