HUB880 High Pressure Generator

Product Description

The Barocycler HUB880 is a compact, portable, bench-top, ultra-high pressure generator that uses a compressed air-driven pressure intensifier to generate fluid pressure up to 100,000 psi (~7 kilobar) with an input compressed air pressure of just 130 psi. The HUB880 can be operated via a simple front panel, or controlled using the integrated Data Acquisition and Control Module for dynamic pressure control and connectivity to external devices.

Catalog No: HUB880

Pressure BioSciences is extremely proud to acknowledge the guidance and support of Dr. Wayne L. Hubbell (Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Jules Stein Professor of Ophthalmology at UCLA) and his team in the design and development of our ultra-high pressure HUB440 and HUB880 instruments and our EPR high pressure ceramic cells. With their help, PBI is now able to offer researchers novel methods to study proteins under ultra-high pressure using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) and other spectroscopic techniques, such as Circular Dichroism (CD). We believe information from these studies will provide new insights into such important areas as biomarker discovery and rational drug design and play an important role in the discovery process that lies ahead in the exciting field of protein science.

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